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Jersey War Tours & The Occupation Detectives Membership

Jersey War Tours was founded to help and support the research site "The Occupation Detectives" and during 2017 we tested a membership scheme with a limited number of places. We have made some great new friends from this scheme and are going to continue to offer it in 2018. We are very much a digital organisation, and the events that we run are going to be advertised on Facebook and digital member newsletters. You will need to check the FB group regularly to keep track.

What you can expect:-

  • Access to a members Facebook group to help share stories and allows us to go in to much more detail than the Facebook page.
  • Regular member only meet-ups as well as opportunities to visit places not open to the public. We love sharing photography so make sure you bring your camera.
  • Tours, we offer any of the places not sold on our tours to our members. Once we announce the additional places, you will be able to use your membership account to book the place for free. Priority is always given to members that have not joined us on a tour previously. These paces are usually announced two days before the tour start time.
  • Members can also help our work by volunteering their time and sharing their skills and knowledge which ultimately contribute to discovering more at our project sites. Through individual member’s subscriptions, you are also helping to ensure the future of the work we share.
  • Your membership helps keep the website, our research and our projects going.

Types of Membership

  • Standard - 1 Adult & 1 Child (5-15), full access to the Facebook Group, Newsletters, Member only meet-ups, and Tours
  • Family - 2 Adult & 2 Children (5-15), full access to the Facebook Group, Newsletters, Member only meet-ups, and Tours
  • Overseas, full access to the Facebook Group & Newsletters

Membership Options
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You are free to cancel your membership at any time and you can use the below button.
Jersey War Tours