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Jersey's Forced Workers, Slave Labour & Prisoner of War

This is a work in progress!

We are tracking down each of the camps built during the Occupation. We want to place a memorial at each of these sites to honour the many who suffered during the Second World War. We are funding this project, and many like it, from our membership scheme and our tours.

If you have any information, photos or just want to help please get in touch.

French North African Prisoner of War Camp

Allied Prisoner of War Camp

Lager Ehrenbreitstein
Fort Regent, housed political prisoners who were forced to work the barracks with in the fort were used and no huts put up.
Lager Brinkforth
Was found on the five mile road, St Ouen, and housed Russian and Spanish Forced / Slave Labours.
Lager Schepke
Jersey Steel is now at this site but there are still some traces remaining. This OT Camp had Spanish and Russian Forced / Slave Labours
Lager Richthofen
You can see the standard barracks type hut (camouflaged) behind the La Pulente Hotel which is now the pub and at the south end of the five mile road St Ouen. A few other huts can also be seen this camp housed French and Spanish forced labours.
Lager Udet
Lager Udet, close to La Moye School on La Route Orange, held Polish, Russian and Spanish Slaves / Forced Labourers.
Lager Hindenburg
Site of the old Girls College, Hindenburg held the first OT forced workers to arrive in Jersey, it was then converted in to an OT hospital. As you can see below the red crosses can still be see today (2016).
Lager Franco
Traces remain of this camp and it is behind the Royal Jersey Golf Club at Gorey, It was known at the time as Grouville Holiday Camp. A large cement air-raid bunker is still on the site. North African & Spanish Forced /Slave labour held here.
Lager Wick
Traces remain of this camp and it is next to the coast road to Gorey (Grouville Marsh) North African & Spanish Slaves held here.
Lager Rommel
Was built in 1943 where Clos De Roncier is now. The Germans used it to hold Russian slaves until July 1944, when they are transported back to Germany. In August 1944 it was used as a barracks for artillery soldiers of Batterie Schlieffen (13./HAKR 1265).
Lager Prien
Lager Mölders
Found where St Georges estate is now in St Ouen’s. This camp held Spanish & Ukrainian Russian Forced / Slave labours.
Lager Seeckt
Transit Camp for new OT arrivals, Held North African, Spanish and French forced workers.
Lager Immelmann
Newgate Prison
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